Thursday, November 14, 2013

Language of Vision -Art exhibition in Chennai - Artist MANISH PUSHKALE

Language of Vision

 Artist Manish Pushkale will put on display his recent works. This master abstractionist meditates in his paintings and impels to do the same as they get drawn in to them.
 Who is the Artist?


Born 1973, in Bhopal, India

Master of Arts in Painting Bhopal Art College in Bhopal, India.

The artist lives and works in New Delhi, India.

Select Solo Exhibitions

2009 Serendipitous Encounters, Aicon Gallery, Palo Alto

2007 Unveiling, Bodhi Art, Mumbai

2006 Japa, Bodhi Art, New Delhi
Galerie Edition Caracters, Paris
And many more…..

2003 Raza Foundation Award
2002 1st Bharat Bhavan Annual Exhibition Certificate Award, Bhopal
1997 AIFACS Award


Gallery Veda
       # 4/22, Rutland Gate, 5th Street, 1st Floor , Nungambakkam, Chennai


11:00 AM to 7:00 PM (Tuesday : Holiday and Sunday : 12 pm - 6 pm)

   Contact:   044 43090422

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photorealistic Paintings of Alyssa Monks

Photorealistic Paintings of Alyssa Monks

35 year old painter Alyssa Monks is considered as one of the most realistic contemporary artists of our day. She is a perfectionist when it comes to translating the skin under the influence of steam, water and glass. She manages the oil so perfectly that most of her works resembles photos taken inside a steamy shower or portraits photographs. Her paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Greece, Australia and the major American cities. See more of her works on
Courtesy: Yahoo!News

Friday, February 3, 2012

My ART beats for Mumbai...The Times of India - Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

The theme of this ‘eye-catching’ section this year is ‘Let there be Light’. While providing a platform for young, talented and upcoming creative people to display their artworks, we have also created more ‘space’ and have thus invited several installation artists. Mumbaikars will get a chance to see interactive installations, all of which have a message and are created especially for this annual landmark event. We have introduced architectural exhibits at the Cross Maidan which is now an extended part of the festival and an additional venue for Visual Arts together with Dance and Music

Some of the key works to see include 3D Street Art by Tracy Lee StumCutting Chai by Krsna Mehta,Pushers and PullersA Homage to Handcart by Tobias MegerieA-Mazing by Brinda Miller and Arzan KhambattaIron House by EE Studio3, Woven Veins by Reena Kallat and Mumbai Esplanade Project.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Art Galleries from Tier - II cities competing with Indian biggies and International Galleries

Shrishti Hyderabad

OED Kochi

Archer Ahmedabad

It is good news for the art industry and the art lovers that the art market is expanding its wing  from the art capitals Delhi and Mumbai to Tier - II cities also.
Here are the excerpts from an article in TOI by Archana Ghare Ghose:

  • This year's India Art Fair saw a new phenomenon: the rise of art galleries and buyers from Tier II cities.
  • Galleries from Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kochi and Jaipur are competing for space with biggies , not just from India, but also from world capitals like London, Paris and New York
  • Archer Art gallery from Ahmedabad and Open Eyed Dreams Gallery from Kochi are on their repeat outing to the fair, while others like Kal;akriti and Shrishti art galleries from Hyderabad are here for the first time.
  • "Newer and younger collectors, especially those buying art for the first time don't hit straight for the top artists like Hussain or Raza because of the prohibitive prices. They want to begin at lower price points and that is where galleries like mine come in to help initiate them into the world of buying art." says Manan Relia of Archer Art  Gallery  Ahmedabad. He hopes that this new group spreading across the Tier- II cities would eventually graduate to buying topnotch art.
  • The new rich of Hyderabad city are turning to art in a big way." Many people in Hyderabad are setting up new homes and come to fill their blank walls." says Nambiar of Shrishti Gallery Hyderabad.
  • participation in Art Fair also helps Galleries from Tier - II India get business exposure and learn  the experiences of big galleries
On the whole, it is a positive sign that the art market is expanding to many places and the galleries from Tier II cities are getting good exposures and marching ahead of the curve.