Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sushma Sabnis Mumbai - Encaustic painting and others

Orchid rain in my window- Encaustic and acrylic on paper

Sushma Sabnis has been holding solo and group shows since 2004. A self taught artist, her love for painting has been a regular companion since her childhood. Sushma is a trained marine biologist having spent several years as a chief scientist and a hatchery technician, within the seafood industry. Currently based in Mumbai, she has lived in London and and traveled to various cities and cultures, which brings a global dimension to her work. 

Every year, Sushma brings together a group of talented, new and upcoming artists to display their work in a group art show called Advaita.

As an artist, Sushma takes inspiration from everything around her—a leaf, a plate, the sound of a person typing on a keyboard, an image flashing on a mute TV. Otherwise, she is inspired by painters like Matisse, Magritte and O’Keefe.
Her work is mainly representational in concept and style. The theme is often one single thought which brings out various styles of interpretation. Each of her paintings harbours an engaging message which lends a sense of solidity and permanence to her work.

Some of the great works of Sushma Sabnis: 

Encaustics  paintings:

Mr Freeze in Narnia

One Amazon day..
His Presence

2009, ADVAITA 2009 (Self organised group show), Kohinoor Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
2009, SMORGASBORD (Solo), Kohinoor Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
2008, ADVAITA 2008 (Self Organised Groupshow), Kohinoor Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
2007, You, Me and Our World (Group Show), Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India
2007, Knots and Crosses, Stars and Stripes, 2007 (solo), Kohinoor Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
2006, The Lotus Pond Collection (Solo), Kohinoor Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
2005, Pre-historic Cave Art (Solo), Kohinoor Art Gallery, Mumbai, India
2005-06, Greeting Card Project with NASEOH(Solo)
2005, Niirjeeta, NASEOH- Multiple Disability Unit – Mural (Group), Mumbai, India
2005, India-Builds – Habitat for Humanity- Auction of Contemporary Art (Group), Mumbai, India
2004, The Lotus Pond Collection (Solo), Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India


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