Friday, October 21, 2011

Artist Raghava K K - Original , fresh and very distinctive style of art based on cartoon

Raghava KK

Raghava KK is a contemporary artist, born in Bangalore in 1980. His paintings and drawings use cartoonish shapes and colors to examine the body, society, our world. 

He started his career as a cartoonist with Indian national dailies, and over the next 10 years, would reinvent himself to use several different mediums. Raghava’s works have been auctioned by the Queens Museum and Christie’s NY (in an auction curated by the Indo American Arts Council). He has been extensively featured by the Indian and international media and supported and endorsed by numerous celebrities and significant figures in the international art scene. 

Recipient of grants such as one from the Robin Hood Foundation to create a permanent exhibition of his works in the Bronx, New York and another from the American India Foundation to premier his performance art piece Anthropomorphism in California, Raghava was most recently invited as a guest by the city of Nimes, France to exhibit his works at the Carre d’Art Musee d’Art Contemporain.

Significant Solo Exhibitions
2010-January-Ashvita Art Gallery— Chennai, India
2009-December-Art Musings-'Brooklyn Bound R Train'— Mumbai, India
2009-July-Skotia Gallery-'The Issues of Chronic Abstraction'— Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
2008-September-Art Musings-Mumbai, India
2007-December-Gallery Art Chamber-Goa, India
2007-October-Carre d’Art: Musee d’Art Contemporain—Nimes, France
2007-October-Gallery 27/Visual Art UK—London, England, UK
2007-March-Crimson Art Gallery-“Venice Suite’—Bangalore, India
2006-March-ARTANA Gallery-- Boston, USA
2005-November-Time and Space Art Gallery-Bangalore, India
2004-December-‘Atypical Attiudes’-Ashvita Gallery—Chennai, India
2004- June- The Gallery at the Courtyard (Ashish Balram Nagpal Gallery)- Mumbai, India

He has lectured and taught at several art institutes, including the Ecole des Beaux-Arts (Nimes, France) and the New Hampshire Institute of Art (Manchester, NH, USA).

He lives and works both in the US and India. 


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